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In the past few decades our synagogue has seen tremendous growth, with children of older members marrying and bringing their families into the synagogue. Young families are particularly attracted to our synagogue, since we have an eruv and a well-staffed Shabbat youth program. We offer classes at all levels on weekdays and Shabbat for both men and women. We also are home to several youth groups: Bnei Akiva, NCSY & Bnos.


Shul Mission & Vision

Shaarey Zedek is a member of the Orthodox Union (OU). We currently provide programs and activities that spark interest and give individuals a positive attitude toward Judaism and its values. We want our community to embody good Jewish values, proper ethics, helpfulness and kindness, so we are always planning more events to help us all ultimately become better people.

We are working to implement a “Tikkun Olam Project.” Tikkun Olam is a Hebrew phrase to describe the desire to repair the world. Our generation understands it to be acts of charity, social action and social justice. By focusing our energies on improving ourselves and our attitude, we will be positively affecting our community and the world in which we live. We plan to continue offering a series of classes on self-improvement, organizing programs that help the youth and elderly, and offering programs that will help the overall community.
We want our community members to be model citizens who uphold Jewish values and the concept of Tikkun Olam. Wherever our community members go in the world they will be true examples of what it is to be a Jew. They will be kind, charitable, honest, and helpful. They will be involved in synagogues and community organizations. They will better their relationships in their marriages, their family lives, their businesses and the community in which they live.

With our educational programming and classes we hope to instill a love of Judaism, its values, and the state of Israel.


Rabbi Jonathan Rosenberg

If you wish to arrange a meeting, please call the shul office in advance to ensure Rabbi Rosenberg is not at an off-site meeting or event. You may reach Rabbi Rosenberg on his direct line at the shul at (818) 763-6269 or via email at jrosenberg@valleyshul.com.


Shaarey Zedek congregation is the largest Orthodox congregation in the San Fernando Valley with over 350 members. We are centrally located, and have the facilities and parking to host all the events.

For your simcha, we have newly remodeled facilities including:

  • A beautiful social hall for your wedding, bar and bat mitzvah, bris, banquet, etc.
  • A large beis midrash with a magnificent wood carved bima and skylight, perfect for a wedding ceremony or chassan’s tish
  • Meeting rooms for 50 to 400 people
  • A large kosher kitchen on the premises
  • Four wonderful caterers to choose from: Culinary Creations by Chumie, La Gondola, Platinum Catering, and New York Glatt Kosher Catering.

Our full-service synagogue has steady daily minyanim, including two daily morning prayer services, daily afternoon services at sunset, and three Shabbat, Yom Tov and Sunday morning services. We have an active Sisterhood with Chesed and Hachnosos Orchim Committees and several religious committees to meet the community’s needs. We also offer several scholar-in-residence programs on Shabbat throughout the year.

Please call the office for more information at (818) 763-0560.

Board of Directors



President – Hershel Goulson

VP Religion – Zev Abramson

VP Membership – Shira Cooper

VP Ways and Means – Dovid Franklin

VP House – Eddie Klein

VP Education – Jason Bayever

VP Building – Dr. Josh Levy

VP Youth – Aliza Litwin

Corresponding Secretary – Ronson Moses

Recording Secretary – Loren Nizinski

Financial Secretary – Elie Istrin

Treasurer – Ben Fried

Immediate Past President – Ben Andron



Rinat Aghabi Beth Appel
Sarina Basch
Jerald Burg
Natan Davoodi
Jack Gindi
Anne Greenfield
David Kay
Steve Lax Daniella Linden Mindy Mamelak
Jocelyn Miller
Sarah Mintz
Mary Nachimson
Ben Schuraytz
Tzvi Schwarzbaum
Sima Semmel
David Statman
Dov Weisman
Jessica Yuz

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