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Pesach Kashering
Hagalas Keilim
Please note Hagalas Keilim is canceled for this
Sunday, March 18th.
Shaarey Zedek will be offering
kashering SUNDAY, March 25th from 9 AM to noon.
Contact Rabbi Zachter at azachter@emek.org.
Prices are as follows: Members: 10 items or more $18 minimum; less than 10 items tip suggested. Non-members: $20 for all items.
Erev Pesach Siyum Bechorim
If you would like to lead a Siyum for the Siyum Bechorim on Erev Pesach, please contact Rabbi Rosenberg.
Community Wide
Chometz Burning
At Chabad of North Hollywood
Sherman Oaks at 10:30 AM on Friday, March 30th.
Sale of Chometz
Rabbi Rosenberg is available for the sale of chometz after Shacharis and Maariv until Friday morning, March 30th, Erev Pesach.
UPDATE: The Rabbi will only be be available on Sunday, March 25th from 9 AM to 12 PM for the sale of chometz.
If you need to make special arrangements, please call the shul or the Rabbi’s Study at (818) 763-6269. The “Power of Attorney Form” is available outside the shul office and here. Just click to download the form and print. As in past years, please consider making a donation to Shaarey Zedek in connection with the sale of your chometz.

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 Hagalas Keilim

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